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PSc General Recruitment

...offer Permanent, Temporary and Contract staff to all employment sectors.

We make it our business to get to know you as an individual. That way we can guarantee that you are placed in a job that is just right for you.

· Industrial & Driving
· Administration
· Sales & marketing
· Engineering
· Languages
· Banking & finance
· Catering
· IT

All our Divisions are staffed by fully trained and qualified professionals which means that they have a full understanding of the demands and challenges associated with their specific environment.

All applicants are reference checked by our highly experienced Consultants and monitored in accordance with The Fair Employment Commission (F.E.C.).

· All interviews are carried out on a one to one basis in one of our private interview rooms, ensuring confidentially at all times. These offices may be utilised by our Clients, at no additional cost.

· Clients are relieved of all associated administration other than signing the employee's time sheet which is our authorisation to pay the employee through our BACS system.

PSc Recruitment offers excellent rates for sole supplier relationships with clients.