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Area Development Management Ltd
and the Combat Poverty Agency ADM/CPA) are responsible for implementing 12 easures of the Peace II Programme in the 6 southern Border counties and Northern Ireland.

We have used the services of PSc Management Consultants to undertake both internal and external assessments of proposals and all this work has been done to a high standard. PSc Management Consultants also undertook on our behalf, on behalf of our partners Community Foundation of Northern Ireland and Co-operation Ireland and on behalf of the Special European Union Programmes Body a substantial report on building peace and reconciliation post-2006.

This splendid report will be published in book form and will be launched in Belfast in October 2003. We have every confidence in PSc Management Consultants and intend continuing to avail of their considerable services again.

Paddy Logue


Under the Peace II programme, Ballymena Strategy Partnership has been given administrative responsibility for Measure 3.1 - Developing The Social Economy in the Ballymena Borough.

Due to ambiguity about the social economy and the lack of local information that we had available we decided to commission a piece of research. To this end we appointed PSC Management Consultants to undertake three key activities:

(A) Map the sector,
(B) Classify groups and
(C) Produce a continuum of development.

The primary research was conducted in an organised and professional manner. The consultant involved had an obvious understanding of the client group and managed the sessions very effectively. With regard to secondary research the applicability and quality of information included in the final report was very good.

We now have a document, which offers 'food for thought' about how we can support the development of the sector and a depth of reference material about the social economy.

I am happy to recommend the services of Paul Steele and his team and willing to discuss their work with us further should this be required.

LPS Director